iXport is a web based platform designed for the food export industry.

We partnered with iXport to develop their design and marketing from naming and strategy, to UX development and user flow, to the public facing marketing website and launch.

The project included challenges such as meeting the complex needs of food exporters across the freight, forex and documentation process.

  • Brand creation
  • Web Design
  • UX Platform Design & User flow strategy
  • Pitchdeck development

Branding & hero image

Branding / Web Design

Web Design & UX userflow through the iXport ecommerce platform

This featured the innovation of a shipping container visual display to help importers optimise their product quantities to fit container volumes and save on freight costs

UX userflow through a 4-step checkout process for food importers

We worked to standardise the various categories of providers such as freight, documentation and forex into one user friendly marketplace

UX userflow through a 3-step onboarding process

Designed with simplicity in mind to capture the most essential data for food exporters to setup their ecommerce presence fast

Selected slides from Pitchdeck Presentation

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