ChangePlan is an innovative Saas platform offering an easier way to organise project changes and manage your Change Management Plan.

Their mission is an integrated view of all change projects across the organization, with the goal of replacing the mess of excel and powerpoint currently used in the creation of change and communications plans.

We worked closely with ChangePlan on all aspects of the app design and marketing from naming and strategy, to UX development and user flow, to the public facing marketing website and product launch.

The project included challenges such as delivering a product with the aim of both making change easier for the general business community as well as providing a relevant and sophisticated solution for Change Practitioners.

  • Brand creation
  • Naming
  • UX App Design & Userflow strategy
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Custom Illustration
  • Custom Icon Design

Branding & hero image


User types & roles

Before beginning work on the app, we defined the user types and their respective roles. We identified 5 user types which guided the stakeholders and goals of development. We developed different data views based on role, with CMOs holding admin access with an overview of all projects.

Change Practitioners

to create, monitor and report on their change management plans

Change Management Offices

to build visibility and support change agents across the organization

Project/Program Managers

to have easier access to and greater visibility of all the change management activities for their projects


who need to have visibility of all their change activities across portfolios & programs; to optimize the sequencing of programs to avoid overloading stakeholder groups and minimize resistance

Project Sponsors/Leaders

to provide easier access to the status and effectiveness of all change activities across their organization

Project Overview Dashboard

We worked closely with the team over many iterations to distil the mass of project information down to the key data points for an easy to read, user friendly dashboard. A consistent colour palette is used across the various content types to alert the user to issues and problems fast.
Dashboard – 1@2x

Change Activities

Activities are the heart of the change plan and make it easier to connect impacts to  stakeholders, making the process of impact analysis, stakeholder analysis and change activity planning significantly easier. We developed 3 views for the activities - kanban board, gantt timeline and list view. The user can customise the phases to their preferred change methodology with a view to full flexibility and integration with an organisations existing processes.

Administrator top level view

A Portfolio dashboard provides an integrated view of all change projects across the organization, with the ability to view progress, overdue activities, unaddressed impacts and open risks
All Projects Dashboard@2x


The impacts content allows the user to capture the impacts of what is changing and connect the impacted stakeholder group. High impact items are highlighted for quick action.
Impacts page – 14@2x


The reporting area is automatically generated, providing change impact heat maps, time impact on stakeholders, overdue activities, and more
Dashboard – 3@2x

Modal development

Each content type features data input & editing through pop up modals. These were designed for fast inputting, with a vertical wizard style navigation to define the various input categories.
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